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Warning!! You are Spied on the Internet! Protect yourself with a VPN

free vpnYou can't ignore that all the government agencies have the power to spy on you while you're surfing on the web. Add to this all kind of parasites such as exotic mafias, crackers and maybe... your neighbor. Stay free and use a VPN, an intermediate server that hides your real IP Address and encrypts your browsing, making it impossible to spy on your activities.
If you need more informations, Easy-VPN will help you to understand why you absolutely need to protect yourself on the Internet, how to do it easily and most importantly, how to choose a VPN provider.
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Why do I need to know My IP Address ?

You need to know your IP address for dozens of good reasons such as Voice on IP calls, online gaming, network issues, technical support, proxy detection, anonymous browsing or even just to see if your IP Address number is still the same or has changed since your last connection to the internet.
The main goal of is of course to display easily your IP, but it proposes also many other helpful services :
- IP or Domain Geolocation: Show the IP Address where you are connected on Google Map. Please note that your computer's location can be a bit different of your IP location. This is usual in small towns that depend of outside servers generally based in bigger towns of the area..
- Whois: This very effective and high performance service will let you find the details of the owner of a website or domain name (.com, .net, .org, .fr etc...), but you'll also be able to find details about any IP Address.
- Web Geolocation: Show the place you are located on Google Map. This location based on HTML5 uses your IP Address of Connection but also other elements such as available wifinetworks, GPS, A-GPS etc...
- Proxy List: Hide your real IP and browse the internet anonymously with our daily Elite and Anonymoius Proxy list. Unblock Twitter, Facebook, and every other social networking in seconds.

Disposable Email Address

With, you can use a free disposable email address and easily fight Spam. Never give anymore your personal email address while registeringt on forum, social networks, blogs or download websites.

Calculate your Website Worth

Site Worth analyzes any online website and lets you know how well it is being monetized and on what value it could be sold or bought (this estimation does not take into account external factors such as sales generated by the site, advertising revenues, quality of the domain name, value of the company without its website etc...)

WHOIS : Who uses this IP Address or owns this Domain Name ?

The Whois is a very easy Web service that allows you to find on the same form the owner of a domain name (any TLD) or the user of an IP Address. You'll then be able to find the registrar of a domain, the owner of a website, the administrative and technical contacts, the hosting company, the dates of creation and expiration, the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the abuse contact email in case of Spam, Hacking, Click-Bombing etc...

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